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~Enjoy The Silence~ by InsomEnigma ~Enjoy The Silence~ :iconinsomenigma:InsomEnigma 7 2
Endure Backstory: A Primer of Erol and Lyani
Erol is born a few short years after Damas rises to power, into a loving family consisting of two older brothers; Arok & Tiris, and his parents, Leoh & Tamara. From day one, he seeks mastery in all things. From walking and talking, to driving and fighting. Anything he -could- learn, he sought to be the very best. Just naturally a -very- ambitious person. His two brothers were more than happy to help him along with that, often getting him into trouble, but never unable to help him get back out of it. 
His father Leoh is the Commander of the Krimzon Guard at the time, and he raises each of his sons to follow in his footsteps; courageous and disciplined soldiers that would protect the people with their lives. In this time, the Krimzon Guard stood for something different.
His mother Tamara is an eco researcher and a sharp intellectual. She is keen to cultivate her son's bravery and skill with a gentle hand and firm wisdom. Erol and his brothers could not have asked for better.
:iconinsomenigma:InsomEnigma 1 0
~Awake~ (Scriven Inscribbler #8)
The idle thrum of hover engines and pedestrian traffic only served to feed Jak’s unease as he moved for the racing garage that belonged to Keira.
It had been a couple of weeks since he brought down the Baron, Kor, and helped push Haven City into a new period...yet not much had changed after the celebrations were over. Folk still had their jobs to scurry to, and even if Praxis was no longer in power, his small army of councilman were; Haven’s long standing affliction of political corruption was -far- from over.
He put it from his mind as he stepped inside and knocked on the metal blast door.
“Keeeiraaa?” he called out, resting a satchel on one of two maintenance docks, “Brought you dinner.”  
There was some commotion behind her green canvas drape as she stumbled over a pile of refurbished parts, cursing quietly and dusting herself off.
“H-Hi Jak! Sorry for the mess, I’m…”  she made a face at the clutter, “Betwee
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~Anselm Leydra, Machinist~ by InsomEnigma ~Anselm Leydra, Machinist~ :iconinsomenigma:InsomEnigma 9 7 Dumb Jokes by InsomEnigma Dumb Jokes :iconinsomenigma:InsomEnigma 3 3 Drake and Josh OTP DTS  [1/2] by InsomEnigma Drake and Josh OTP DTS [1/2] :iconinsomenigma:InsomEnigma 10 9 [C] ~Xaela Kharlu Jaliqai~ by InsomEnigma [C] ~Xaela Kharlu Jaliqai~ :iconinsomenigma:InsomEnigma 6 5 ~Someone New~ by InsomEnigma
Mature content
~Someone New~ :iconinsomenigma:InsomEnigma 4 8
[Refs] Kora Veloces and Malinor Krovrytsar by InsomEnigma [Refs] Kora Veloces and Malinor Krovrytsar :iconinsomenigma:InsomEnigma 3 2 ~Rebuilt~ by InsomEnigma ~Rebuilt~ :iconinsomenigma:InsomEnigma 9 7 [T] ~Star Dance~ by InsomEnigma [T] ~Star Dance~ :iconinsomenigma:InsomEnigma 15 10 Dragon Doodle: Tonks by InsomEnigma Dragon Doodle: Tonks :iconinsomenigma:InsomEnigma 4 5 Dragon Doodle:  Merle by InsomEnigma Dragon Doodle: Merle :iconinsomenigma:InsomEnigma 8 5 Anisanthus Fortitudo [Ref] by InsomEnigma Anisanthus Fortitudo [Ref] :iconinsomenigma:InsomEnigma 9 9
Border-Planet Nedul, 2512
Surface Time- 03:00  DST
The air was riddled with the dust of a dying sandstorm, small rocks striking against Vaalka's obsidian armor on occasion as he strode beyond the border of the Daelaam nexus point. He was still not accustomed to following Templar order, and so when it came time to start playing nice with the terrans of the Dominion, he truly began to ponder the worth of his so-called brethren.
The many annoyances of such bureaucracy was taxing on Vaalka's patience, and so he sought solitude...but today there was a different reason for his retreat. Today he was goading prey, for he had been the target of four separate attacks from Tal'darim blood hunters; all in secret, all keeping their silence as to -why- his death was sought or by whom. He suspected Dal'vak, but in truth it could have been anyone. Regardless, it would end today. 
He crushed a budding plant into the impacted earth as he walked, keeping a careful eye on the high cliffs at
:iconinsomenigma:InsomEnigma 1 3
SC2 Character Voices n Stuff
VA: Unknown 
VA: Aaron Philips (Wrathion) 
VA:  Unknown (Tarecgosa) 
VA: Robert Davi (Rtas 'Vadum
VA:  Carrie-Anne Moss (Aria T'loak) 
VA: Cathrine Taber  (Padme Amidala) 
VA: Speechless
VA: Michelle Yeoh
VA:  Gideon Emery (Fenris) 
VA: Sarah Michelle Geller (Seventh Sister) 
VA: Erin Cottrel
VA: Nell Mooney 
Sheron Williams
VA: Kat Dennings  (Max Black) 
Charlotte Serrano
VA: Erica Lutrell  (Emily Caldwin) 
Iza Stukov 
VA: Caitlin Glass (Decapre) 
Mavis Beryl 
VA: Jen Taylor (Dr. Halsey) 
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Don't mind me, just once again trying to breathe life into that dusty old relic "Endure".   Going to provide some backstory/summaries for people interested since I just don't have the time anymore to properly sit down and write out -books- worth of fanfiction that have been building up in my head for the past 10 years.  If I manage to get it all done I won't feel so bad about the random out of context scenes I'll write for the Jak & Daxter OC club's "Scriven Inscribbler" contest.  xD  


-Full Timeline-  [ ]

-Hora'quan Backstory- [ ]

-Erol & Lyani Backstory- [x]

Summaries of Arcs
  Jak 2 - [ ]
  Intermission 1 - [ ]
  Jak 3 - [ ]
  Intermission 2 - [ ]
  Jak X - [ ]
  Conclusion - [ ]

Unit Alpha Profiles + Backround - [ ]

Holidays - [ ]

Locations - [ ]
  "The Fallen Trees" - Haven Forest
  "The Last Shot" - Haven City, Main Town
  "Guns n' Ink" - Haven City, Port District
  "Purgatory" - Haven City, Main Town
  "Omnius Labs" - The Icelands



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